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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Alhamdulillah, the month of Ramadhan has been bestowed upon us by Allah. ZAKAT is one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam, mandatory on all muslims who are of eligible wealth. Zakat is due from and payable by a person on his wealth (and not his income), which has remained with him/her for one Islamic year. It is difficult to calculate the completion of one year on each item of wealth, because purchase dates may vary. To overcome this difficulty, a practical method is to fix a date (e.g. 1st of Ramadhan), compute your total wealth on that date and calculate Zakat, thereon. The attached spreadsheet is a humble attempt at making the calculation process simple and consolidated, for all brothers and sisters who are fortunate to be worthy of paying Zakat. If there are any errors, its purely due to my incomprehension and may be brought to my notice immdtly by email at ajameel@yahoo.com. Please remember me in your supplications and may Allah give us all the rewards of both worlds. Aameen. Yours Brother in Islam, Arif Jameel. Details of Each Section to be used in conjunction with the Calculation Spreadsheet. 1 Zakat on Pure Gold and Gold Jewellery Zakat should be calculated at 2.5% of the market value as on the date of valuation (In our case we consider 1st of Ramadhan). Most Ulema favour the Market Value prevailing as on the date of Calculation and not the purchase price. A Reduction of 2% from the weight of Jewellery can be allowed towards studded stones jewellery & 25% from the weight of KUNDAN Jewellery. 2 Zakat on Precious and Semi-Precious Stones There is some contention on whether these are to be considered for valuation. In my humble opinion if they have a value, then they calculate towards your wealth, and it is on the wealth that Zakat is mandatory. One may calculate the saleable value of Items at hand on the date of Zakat Calculation. 3 Zakat on Silver. Zakat is to be paid on Silver in Pure form or Jewellery, Utensils, Decorative items and all household items including crockery, cutlery made of silver at 2.5% of the prevailing market rates. 4 Zakat on Cash and Bank Balances Zakat should be paid at 2.5% on all cash balance and bank balances in your savings, current or FD accounts. The amount technically should be in the bank for one year. Usually it happens that the balance keeps on changing as per personal requirements. You may make your best judgement and the best way is to pay on remaining amount on the day of calculation 5 Zakat on Loans Given, Funds, etc Zakat is payable by you on loans you have given to your friends and relatives. It should be treated as Cash in Hand. You may deduct Loans Payable by you to arrive at the nett present value of your wealth. Zakat is payable on all Govt Bonds, Public Sector Bond, paid-up Insurance premiums, your paid-up portion of Provident Funds, Govt Bills receivables, etc. 6 Zakat on Landed Property Zakat is not payable on personal residential House even if you have more than one and meant for residential purpose only. Also Zakat is not applicable on Property given on rent irrespective of how many. However Zakat is payable on the rental income. However if your intention of holding properties is to sell at a future date for a profit or as an investment, then Zakat is payable on the Market Value. Also, if your intention of holding properties changes in the current year, I.e. from self use to business then you need to pay Zakat on that Property Value 7 Zakat on Business: This is for Business Persons only. No matter what business you are into, you've got to pay Zakat on all STOCK-IN-TRADE. The stock must be valued at its Landed Cost Price. If you have any bills receivable (sales given on credit) then you need to add the same towards calculations. Deduct the Amounts due to your suppliers and deduct the loans on stock on the date of calculation. Dead Stock should be calculated on scrap value or its saleable value. Damaged stock should also be valued at its scrap value. Be honest in the calculations, as ZAKAT is an INSURANCE on your STOCK directly from ALLAH and who better an insurer than Him. There is no Zakat on Factory Buildings or any kind of machinery, but there is zakat on products produced in the factory (i.e. finished goods value). Please refer to a competent Moulvi or a scholar who can shed more light on your specific issues. 8 Zakat on Partnership Firms. Zakat can be paid EITHER by the firm OR separately by the owners. If the firm is not paying, and the partner wants to calculate his share, he should take the amount standing to his capital and loan account as per the last balance sheet. Add his estimated share of profit till the date zakat is calculated. This can only be estimated as it is difficult to calculate the exact profit or loss between an accounting year. 9 Zakat on Agricultural Product Zakat is payable on all Agricultural produce including fruits, commercially grown flowers, vegetables and all types of grains at the harvest time itself. The passing of One year does not apply for agrultural produce. If there are two or more crops on the same land per year, then Zakat has to be paid as many times on the crop, irrespective of the time. The formula for Zakat calculation on Agriculture is as follows: On crops dependent purely on rain water it will be 10% of produce, On crops not irrigated through rain water but use Canal Water, Tank Water, Borewell and Open wells, the Zakat is 5% of the produce. For Crops dependent partly on Rain Water and partly on other water, the Zakat applicable would be 7.5% of produce. 10 Zakat on Animals On all grazing animals like goats, shee, camel, cows, broiler chickens, the consensus Zakat payable is one animal/bird for every 40 animals owned. However you may wish to give cash in lieu of the animal/bird itself. Please consult your local Scholar or Maulvi or Imaam who can guide you to the right direction, or refer to books of Fiqh if you would like to have first hand confirmation of the situation. 11 Liabilities Deductions If you have any pending tax payable to the govt, as of the date of Zakat Calculation, then the same may be deducted before arriving at the net worth. If you have taken any loans from any person or institution, and if you have not already deducted the same from any of the above sections, then you can deduct your Payables over here. Please be truthful, as Zakat is a sure way of protecting ones wealth if Zakat has been paid on it regularly and fully. FOOTNOTE: Please note that Interest in any form is Haram and strictly prohibited. So please stay away from taking Loans on Interests AND Collection of Interests from any body or institution.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Amalan Zikir Para Malaikat.

SUBHANALLAH....Ibnu Abas ra berkata:" Ketika ALLAH SWT menjadikan Arasy,dan menyuruh malaikat memikulnya tetapi para malaikat tidak berupaya memikulnya kerana amat berat lalu ALLAH SWT menyeru para malaikat membaca kalimah "SUBHANALLAH"dan arasy itu terasa ringan untuk dipikul dan sejak hari itu para malaimat sentiasa menyebut kalimah "SUBHANALLAH". ALHAMDULLILAH...Ibnu Abas ra berkata:" Apabila ALLAH SWT menjadikan Adam as mula mula yang terkeluar dari mulut Adam as ialah bersin maka ALLAH SWT mengilhamkan kepada Adam as membaca "ALHAMDULLILAH" dan ALLAH SWT membalasnya " YARHAMUKKA RABBUKA" yang bermaksud "kerana rahmat itu AKU menjadikan kamu." LAILLAHA ILLAHA ILLALLAH.... Dan apabila ALLAH SWT mengutuskan nabi Nuh as di mana kaum Nabi Nuh adalah kaum pertama yang menyembah berhala lalu ALLAH SWT mewahyukan kepada Nabi nuh supaya menyeru kaumnya untuk bertaubat. ALLAH SWT menyuruh Nabi Nuh memberitahu kaumnya supaya sentiasa mencari keredhan ALLAH SWT dengan menyebut kalimah "LAILLAHA ILLAHA ILLALLAH" ALLAHU AKHBAR....Apabila terutusnya nabi Ibrahim as dan terjadinya peristiwa korban yang mana ALLAH SWT telah menebus anak nabi Ibrahim as dengan seekor kambing,atas rasa yang teramat gembira atas nikmat yang dikurniakan nabi Ibrahim as menyebut "ALLAHU AKHBAR". Berkata para malaikat :"Inilah kalimah yang keempat yang terbesar dan sungguh baik.Kemudian malaikat mengabungkan keempat kalimah itu dan,di sebut "SUBHANALLAH WALHAMDULLILAH WALAA ILAAHA WALLAHU AKHBAR" Ketika malaikat Jibril menceritakan kisah ini kepada rasulullah saw baginda merasa kagum dan terus membaca: "LAA HAULA WALA QUWWATA ILLAH BILLAHIL ALIYIEL AZIEM" Kemudian Malaikat Jibril as berkat :" Gabungkanlah keempat empat kalimah ini supaya menjadi... SUBHANALLAH WALHAMDULLILAH WALA ILAAHA ILLALLAH WALLAHU AKHBAR WALA HAULA QUWWATA ILLAH BILLAHIL ALIYIL AZIEM".


Tatacara tidur Sebelum tidur, maafkan semua orang tak kira siapa ~ InsyaAllah, Allah lipat gandakan rezeki. Sebelum tidur, berdoa, depends on apa yg kita hendak sepanjang tidur, otak akan generatekan all of our wish & InsyaAllah, kita akan work towards it (ada semangat) di keesokan harinya. Tatacara makan Makan buah sebelum breakfast, lunch & dinner ~ ikut Sunnah & dapat pahala & also boleh rujuk kpd pakar pemakanan, vit C dari buah2an yg dimakan selepas breakfast, lunch & dinner yang akan diperolehi adalah approaching 0%. Jangan minum air semasa sedang makan (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Minum air selepas 15-30 minit selepas makan. Untuk minum, bagi teguk yg pertama sahaja, biarkan air dlm mulut about 10s then baru telan. Teguk kedua & seterusnya boleh minum terus sbb air liur ada enzyme yg boleh membunuh kuman dlm pankreas, perut, & so on yg akan dibawa oleh air tegukan pertama. Seelok2nya makan malam sblm maghrib ~ ikut sunnah, Rasullullah makan sblm maghrib kecuali bulan Ramadhan saja masa maghrib, sbb bagi yg tgh study (or anak2), otak akan berfungsi excellently (senang absorb ilmu) around 2 hrs slps makan so, if makan at 8:30pm, around 10:30pm baru start study and most probably hanya boleh bertahan hingga jam 12 tgh malam saja, jadi, tak byk yg boleh dipelajari berbanding kalau makan pukul 6:30 (org Cina take dinner around this hour). Juga, kita tak tidur dlm kekenyangan (yg mana boleh menghindar dari membuat sembahyang malam). Tatacara di bilik air Selepas buang air kecil, berdehem 3x (teran sikit) ~ boleh elak drpd dapat batu karang. Semasa buang air besar, mengiring sedikit ke kiri ~ ikut sunnah sbb bila mengiring ke kiri, perut akan tekan bladder and senang buang air besar. Tatacara didik anak Antara tips untuk dpt anak bijak/genius, ajar anak (atau baby) tidur mengiring ke kanan ~ sbb jantung yg terletak sblh kiri akan lebih lapang/lega dan mudah berdegup (perjalanan darah okay) and otak anak akan develop excellently. Bagi anak2 yg dah azalinya active or hyper-active, kurang (or jgn) pakaikan baju warna orange ~ sbb warna ini boleh merangsang secara aktifnya tindak tanduk anak (ie. akan lebih nakal), sentiasa bersemangat waja & exuberant. Tatacara didik diri sendiri Amalkan apa2 yg baik (juga amalan2 baru) selama 21+ plus hari berturut2 ~ Rasullullah (saw) bersabda, sst amalan yg diamalkan sekitar 21-30 hari, continuously, akan menjadi tabiat and kalau tak, ilmu itu akan mati. Buang segala rasa hasad dengki, dendam & lain2 yg –ve ~ emosi ini akan membenarkan otak release excessive adrenaline, cortisone & toxine yg mana boleh membawa kpd bbrp penyakit cepat letih, wajah cepat nampak tua (tua sblm waktunya), selalu sakit perut & etc. Ada 3 kategori manusia: BERJAYA : Hari ini lebih baik daripada semalam TERPEDAYA : Hari ini sama seperti semalam CELAKA : Hari ini lebih teruk daripada semalam "Apabila kita kejar dunia, dunia akan lari; tetapi apabila kita kejar akhirat, dunia akan mengejar kita"

Kenali tayar

Monday, March 26, 2012


Genap setahun yang lalu pekan Natori dalam Daerah Miyagi di Utara Jepun di landa 'Tsunami'.

Bayangkan jika kita berada disana waktu itu. Saat cemas begini yang hanya ada beberaapa minit untuk melarikan diri pasti benda pertama yang kita akan cari Masjid atau surau bagi menyelamatkan diri. Masihkah ada masa untuk menyelamatkan anak isteri kita?

Tapi tahukah kita dimana terletaknya masjid dalam kawasan ini? Tahukah kita dimana terletaknya masjid berhampiran dengan rumah kita di Malaysia ini?

Jikalau kita tahu dimana terletaknya masjid, tahukah kita jalan pintas yang paling terdekat dan selamat untuk sampai ke masjid jika tanpa menggunakan kereta atau motorsikal?

Anda ingin lebih cantik dan menarik?

Make Up Muslimah

Anda ingin lebih cantik dan menarik?

Jadikanlah 'Gadhdhul Bashar' (menundukan pandangan) sebagai 'hiasan mata' anda, niscaya akan semakin bening dan jernih.
Oleskan 'Lipstik Kejujuran' pada bibir anda, niscaya akan semakin manis.
Gunakanlah 'Pemerah Pipi' anda dengan kosmetika yang terbuat dari rasa malu yang dibuat pada salon iman.
Pakailah 'Sabun Istighfar' yang menghilangkan semua dosa dan kesalahan yang anda lakukan.
Rawatlah rambut anda dengan 'Jilbab Islami' yang akan menghilangkan ketombe pandangan laki-laki yang membahayakan.
Hiasilah kedua tangan anda dengan gelang Tawadhu' dan jari-jari anda dengan cincin Ukhuwah.
Sebaik-baiknya kalung adalah kalung ' Kesucian '
Bedakilah wajah anda dengan 'Air Wudlu' niscaya akan bercahaya di akhirat